Emergency Medical Spanish

A fellow blogger, living in Jocotepec, has written what I think is a very good resource for non-spanish speakers living or travelling in Mexico.   It is an English -  Spanish Emergency Medical Spanish book.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SPANISH is a 65 page E-Book, written in mirror form - Spanish/English, that will enable you to communicate in Spanish if you are involved in a medical emergency. This handy - and potentially lifesaving - reference book will take you from making the call for help with the authorities to conversing with the paramedics, doctors, and nurses to ensure you receive appropriate medical care.

You can read all about the book here, which comes complete with a link where you can buy the book.    I get absolutely nothing for plugging this book, except for the good karma in passing on what I feel is a valuable resource.  Be Well, and if you are not well, know how and what to say!