I have Dengue

Yep - I have Dengue. Last Sunday evening while enjoying a lovely afternoon and dinner with friends I started feeling a bit off. Didn't really think it could be the beer I had, but you never know!

We came home early, I was running a 102f temperature and was having serious bone and joint pain, and horrific muscle spasms. By about 9:30 pm my fever was up and combined with the pain I was delirious. Tom got me to Clinica Merida where they administed lots of pain releivers, muscle relaxers, intravenous fluids, and cold compresses to lower the fever.

I was in Urgencia (ER) for 15 hours.

Tom and Lida maintained vigil, ensuring all was ok, and that I got everything I needed
It's been really rough. I'm feeling a bit better. Maintaining a 100f temperature. I have all the other standard Dengue stuff, eye pain and sensitivity, which is really rough cause I can't even sit and read a book. I am unable yet to eat, but am consuming copious quantities of Gatorade and water. I have a red flush over almost all of my body, and am covered by tiny little rash bumps that cause me to apply Caladryl like body lotion.
We've sprayed the house with enough toxin to kill off the mosquitos, plus just about anything else. We keep each room locked down so that we minimize the possibility of spreading this any further. And I haven't left the house since I got home from hospital - which is driving me a bit crazy because Dec 4 was release date for Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End!
Now to top it off esposo comes down with symptoms on Wednesday.