limes, limónes, limas, ...

This is my neighbors lime tree. These are the small yellow limes called Indios. I have some confusion, because I also thought that are the limóne agria, or sour lemon. These have a very thin skin, and are slightly acidic. If you can tell which they are I'd love to know.
I get to gather and use any and all limes on my side of the fence, that's the rule here in Merida. If it hangs over or onto your property you can do what you want with it. It is however advised to inform your neighbor. You don't want to piss anyone off.

Here's a little closer picture, Can you see all the limes hanging there?

How about now!
Look at all those limes.

I gather limes all the time, we always have fresh limes. This happens to be 'the season' and there aer more limes than you can deal with - I squeeze large amounts and freeze the juice; we drink lots of limonada, and of course we make margaritas. I also use lime juice for all sorts of cooking projects, but am open to new and innovative uses.
Friend, Harriet freezes limes and then floats them in punch to act as both a citrus kick and a cooler.
So this was one of my projects today; to squeeze and freeze all these limes. Did I make it? No! you can only have your hands in citric acid so long before you have to give them a rest. I got about 1/2 done. Tomorrow well maybe I'll finish up tomorrow.