Look at the ole girl now, fellas

Dolly's overjoyed and overwhelmed and over par
But not over Merida - I think Dolly has gone away!
She seems to be moving North of us. Looks like Dolly's wrath may just blow right over us. I suspect we will get a bit of a blow, and some rain, but looks like the worst of it is heading for the USofA.

This could be a bigger problem for them now. Dolly won't be slowed down by passing overland, and once she hits those warm waters she'll pump up the volume. That's my official weather forecaster opinion, and I'm sticking to it!

Friend Wayne, on Isla blogged about his evening with Dolly -

Heck we have sunshine and clouds right now, so I hung out a load of laundry. I have a BIG pot of beans cooking on the stove, and am just waiting to see what happens. We're pretty secure here with regards to rain and water, not much comes in; but our concern is with wind, we aren't sure yet how all our new trees will hold up to a serious blow. Most of our trees are under 2-years, so not terribly deep or strong root structures yet.

I'll continue to watch the radar, and hope Dolly does go away before she gets to Texas and Louisiana.