Front Wall Project - update 3

Well essentially the wall is done! There are still a few details to be done; patch the last holes from having the water meter moved, patching where the roof drains come down, and painting. But these things we want to wait until the new car parkingpads and patio flooring are poured.
We will add a light above the door; once we have a door. And we'll paint numbers.
And of course it needs to be painted.

This is the new interior space created by our wall. Looking from one parking pad over the 'patio' and into the other parking pad. That pile of rubble used to be and once again will be a small garden.

One of the details that goes unnoticed is the new water runoff and drainage. Previously the rain just flowed over the edges of the roof. You couldn't enter or leave the house during rain without going through the water fall. We had them add about 8 inches to all the interior edges of the roof, these ledges contain drains channels.

You can see this detail in this roof shot.

These ledge drains direct the water away from the edges and into drains that have been secreted inside the walls. (You can see one of the channels - far right - in the wall waiting for the pvc) The drains exit onto the car park pads, and then flow out to the street.
Apparently here you can't direct overflow water from your property to the city property. Since we have directed our overflow into our property and it flows out on its own its OK. Our contractor has been a bit befuddled about our concern with being sure we do everything legally, even though as he says, "It's ok, it's common practice here".

Once the flooring is poured I'll post that. Then who knows how long till the doors get done. I haven't yet even contacted the herrerra(sp) about creating the gates for the water and electric meters.