Front Wall Project - update 4

So much has happened, and we are coming to completion of the Front Wall Project.

The wall itself is done, including the Virgen de Guadalupe plaqueall the new cement inside is done, all the new sidewalk is done.

So, what's left you may ask. Ah those pesky details - filling any little empty spaces left from pouring concrete flooring and sidewalks, repairing/patching damage to the impermiabilizante (protective roof coat) on the roof, cleaning up, painting, and doors. Our regular iron man has been here, we showed him our designs, including Tom's 3-d model, he liked that especially. He has given us his price, which seems a bit high. So we've asked another iron man for a bid. This one doesn't speak English, hasn't lived 20+ years in the US, and doesn't have to send the wife and kids to the US to shop. So maybe we can get the price down.

We gifted the 3 workers with a dispensa yesterday. They've really done an excellent job so I went to the market and created a little selection of staples which is a standard form of dispensa - each level of worker gets a little different, the head albanil (mason) gets more than the other albanils, who get more than the laborers. So each got; beans, rice, sugar, salt, and can of pickled carrots n jalapenos, the albanils also got cal-c-tos which is a powdered chocolate milk type drink, and the head albanil also got a bag of oatmeal. And I just realized I neglected to add the bottle of oil which is also pretty standard, ni modo, life goes on!

Oh and the really fun part - there is the small interior garden; a new planting project, although I already know what I want to do in there! So look forward to another update!

After all it's all part of the Front Wall Project!!!