Tropical Fruit - Pittaya, Pitaya

This is the Pitaya vine growing over the wall in my garden from my neighbors house. The flowers will bloom at the ends of the vine, and then that is where the fruit will form. Therefore, I have planted several pieces of vine on my side so that the neighbor will benefit as well

This is how beautiful is the fruit, and in all honesty this isn't a particularly lovely example.

OH - But look at this!

The fruit has a lovely light custardy texture, with tiny soft seeds similar to those in a kiwi. The flavor is very subtle, mostly they are just a light custardy refreshing sensation. Quite popular here is an Agua de Pitaya, which is just simply the fruit, some water, and some sugar all run through the blender.

OK, gotta go, my snack awaits!


  1. I've not yet had one. I can hardly wait. There are so many new adventures and experiences in this place.

    Incidentally, I just finished reading Confederacy of Dunces. I enjoyed the characters. Thanks for recommending it in an earlier post.

  2. Pitayas are the best... pitaya juice is even better!

  3. Paul
    Isn't the writing in Confederacy amazing, I absolutely love that book. So glad you enjoyed it! Get a pitaya before season ends, they are truely seasonal here.
    Good to hear from you. Yes, I really enjoy the aguas de pitaya, so light and refreshing, plus all those soft little seeds to play with, a tongue riot.

  4. Mmmmmm. Your pitahaya (pittaya, pitaya, pita haya, whatever...) looks good. Yours seem a lot larger than what I have been getting out of my garden. I wonder if it is a difference in variety or if it's simply soil, light and water. Interesting.