Introducing 'Corre' and 'Tech'

BACKGROUND: A friend, who has a hacienda currently undergoing renovation, is on vacation. During this time we, Tom and I, are going to the hacienda to check and review the progress, and to make the payments to the workers.

Friday, on the carretera (highway, ha - it's a road wide enough for 1 1/2 vehicles) between Acanceh and Cuzuma we are going along and up ahead we see this puppy just running up and down the highway, as we pass it turns and runs after us. A truck passed us and the puppy turns and runs after that one. I look at Tom, tearing up and say 'We have to get her off the highway', Tom being all knowing and wise pulls over, turns and we go get her, which was not easy. Luckily she had fairly well exhausted herself or I may never have got hold of her.

Introducing 'Corre', which in Español means. he, she, you, or it RUNS.

We hadn't gone more than 1/4 mile with Corre when I saw this sitting in the high weeds by the side of the road.

Again, Tom, being all wise and wonderful, looks at me rolls his eyes, and again pulls over. Smart Man!
The area where 'Tech' was had the smell of putrification, which we later found out was probably where people were dumping feathers and viscera from cleaning poultry. It took a bit of coercing and a submissive act on my part but she came to me. Covered in ticks, and fleas.

So this is 'Tech', which in Maya means flat nose, after her first bath

So anyway. They have been with us now for 2 days. They've been to the vet; they are anemic, have parasites, need nutrition, and Corre has a bacterial infection from scratching fleas.

They've each been bathed twice. Most of the fleas are gone, the ticks are ALL gone. They are insane when food is put in front of them, I'm sure this will change with time, they are getting B complex vitamins for the anemia, they've been treated for parasites. And if they make it OK for the next week or so, they'll start getting their necessary immunization injections.

You can rest assured they will be featured prominantly in future posts.