Puppies, and Garden - and puppies in garden

The puppies went on a road trip on Friday. They went to the hacienda which is how we found them, on the way to the hacienda. They gave no indication of recognizing the route at all.

Here they are travelling
and at the hacienda. (Note to self, not a good look)later in the day they went back to the vet for a follow up. Vet says Tech looks really good, but Corre has an infection under the skin on the top of her head. She probably got a puncture from a plant or cactus, and because her body is full of bacteria it is a sudermal infection. She got an antibiotic injection, and 2 prescriptio antibiotics. The swelling is going down so she'll be fine

Today was their big day to socialize. I decided to take them to the Dog Park near our house. I left the house about 7:20 with them both; Corre on leash, and Tech in her own personal Tech Transport device.
I must really want you to see this to take, well to show this picture of my armpit. This is my French Market basket, so you know I must think this is one 'special' puppy.

We got to the puppy park, and the gates were locked so we waited,

and waited, and waited just a bit more. then came home.

and enjoyed some time in the garden

this is Tatie, not exactly on best buddy terms with the puppies yet, but tolerating them much better now!