XX's and OO's mean Hugs and Kisses

XX's and OO's mean Hugs and Kisses.
Here in Mexico we have a chain of convenience stores called OXXO; which is pronounced OX O. They are quite like the 7-11's in the States.
We have plans to take a trip to visit Puebla and Oaxaca. The plans include a flight to Mexico City, so I've started watching airfares. I found a resource for tracking and searching airfares here in Mexico;
This past Tuesday, quite late an email from Kayak came in-it indicated that for 2 roundtrip tickets via Aviacsa between Merida and Mexico City the right then and there price, including taxes and fees was $2222.24mxp. That's like $111.00US for all my friends up North, and No I don't mean Progresso.
OK so here it is 10PM, I'm pretty sure Aviacsa office here is closed so I decide to go ahead and book, thinking I can go pay at the office tomorrow, or at the very most it's worth it to book using our US CreditCard, inspite of the currency conversion fee. So I get to the last page and it gives me payment oiptions, and right there where says payment must be made by 2359, it offers OXXO as a payment selection.
OH MY GOSH - You'll never believe, but for 5pesos I can pay at OXXO. Yes, that's right, for a 5 pesos fee (50cents USD) I can pay for my ticket at OXXO. I printed a copy of the invoice, we raced up to OXXO and had our tickets all paid for in less that an hour from the time I made the reservation - oh yes XX's and OO's to OXXO.