The 'Season' is upon us, dust off your fancy dress clothing

Seems we are in 'Season' again. There are no presentations at Court, No endless rounds of balls, dances, and exhibitions... Well that's not entirely true!

Here we are coming into Fall and there are more gallery events, big ticket theatrical events, and even a few rock concerts thrown in than one can experience in an evening. It's like we've just been biding our time waiting...and now the waiting is over, it's time to get busy.

It's odd to me - those of us that are here year round still visit amongst our friends, still attend theatrical events, and still go out to concerts, they all just seem bigger, better, and more grand when in 'Season'. Plus now we also have all our 'snowbird' friends here so we are trying to catch up on all their past six months of activities.

Merida is also just starting its 'Otoño Cultural', a month of workshops, exhibitions, and performances of artisans including song, dance, music, and theatre. All this building up to Carnival, woohoo!

So pull out your fancy dress clothes and get ready to Parteeee
It's a GREAT time to be in Merida.