America is not a country - America is a whole continent, er, hemisphere

I recently joined Facebook, to be able to view photos friends were posting. It's crazy how many different ways have been devised to keep in touch with people: We use Yahoo Chat to keep up with quite a few of our Colorado friends, and we have to have AOL IM for one (yes Jim, that's you), we have Windows Live Messenger, and now I also am registered with Facebook. And there are so many of these Facebook type applications, LinkedIn etc... It's a world gone crazy.

Anyway, while on Facebook this morning I came across this and thought I'd put it out as 'Food for Thought'


"AMERICA" is not U.S.A. - AMERICA is the name for a whole continent.

America is not a country - America is a whole continent - Since when did US citizens start using the word "America" to refer to their country? It is an outrage and a mistake. America is a full continent divided into 3: North America (Canada, USA and Mexico), Central America (Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.) and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc.). Imagine the Germans saying that they make the best cars in their country "Europe" are making the best cars? ...

I have in the past been guilty of this innaccuracy; Especially when asked Nationality, I always say "I'm an American", with full pride in all that stands for. Well, in full fairness Canadians are American, and Mexicans are Americans as well.
So in the effort of promoting International Understanding I am posting this little tidbit as 'Food for Thought'