Immigration and Understanding

LaGringa blogs about her life, and situations in her life in Honduras.

In a recent post "Readers Made My Day", she touched on Immigration issues.

This is a touchy topic, especially for those of us in/from the USofA. Husband and I know people; friends and family with a slightly 'What's NewsWorthy' view on Immigration. Some form their opinions solely on one side of the issue without really knowing or understanding all the nuances that accompany it.

The most profound and poignant statement LaGringa made, and the one that resonated strongly with me is:
"It's easy to have a black and white opinion on immigration in the abstract. It's a lot harder when you know the human beings involved."

It really is easy to be callous and cavalier when you or someone you know is not involved, when it's just an abstract issue, but put a friend or lovedone's face on the topic and your views will likely change.

I do believe there should be a registry, or a way for workers to easily and legally enter the USofA. I think the immigrants; whether Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadorian, Korean, or whatever provide valuable services and that the USofA would suffer tremendously without them.

Well enough of this for now, I could go on for quite a bit longer as I do have opinions, but this is enough to give us all something to ponder isn't it?