Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?

We have friends planning to come visit, and we have family and friends fearing for our safety.

For some reason there are these horrific warnings; tales of death, kidnapping, ransoming, etc, being spread about.

We received a Travellers Advisory (advising caution if travelling to Mexico) through the US Embassy here in Merida. And while recently searching airfares for a possible trip (holy moly what's up with airlines prices) we were beleagured by pop ups with warnings and travel advisories.

What I don't understand is what is all the fuss about - yes, some bad things have happened here; but it's no more in most of Mexico than currently happens in any mid to large City in the USofA. (this is not based on any 'official' facts or figures, but simply on my personal perusal of online newspapers from cities in the USofA.)

If you aren't looking for drugs, hanging out in seedy bars, carrying a gun, club, big stick, or diamond rolex watches, you will in all likelyhood be perfectly safe.
I don't think travellers to Mexico are in any more peril than travellers to any other part of the world.

We recently spent a week in both Puebla and Oaxaca; as Tom and I are likely to do, we took off on our own a number of times. We always felt safe, even when temporarily unclear exactly where we were; no, not lost, simply taking a scenic shortcut...

Anyway, if you are planning to visit Mexico, don't be afraid - Be smart, be safe, have a good time - leave the fancy clothes and jewels in the safety deposit box at home, smile, be excited to be travelling, enjoy yourself.