Orchids - Schomburgkia Tibicinis

Friend Mario, an avid Orchid grower, and incredible orchid culture resource here in Merida went Orchid hunting with friends back in December of 2007.

They were hunting in the area near Uaymitun, which is a beach community North and East of Merida. There was, and still is a lot of construction going on so is a perfect place to hunt when you see construction starting as most likely all plantlife will be removed.

Mario, knowing of my growing interest in Orchids graciously and generously brought me several plants from this adventure.

This particular plant has been moved a few times to find a location where it seemed happy and so has finally transitioned, and this year I have my first blossoms. The spike is nearly 5 ft long. There are currently 12 flowers or buds, with more on the way.

This is the orchid on the bark log, you can see the first flower hanging on my clothesline. Keep in mind this flower spike is nearly 5 feet long.

This is a little closer view of the plant.

The first 2 flowers with several buds in view

and a little closer.

This orchid Schomburgkia Tibicinis, is apparently also known as Myrmecophilia Tibicinis, Catteleya Tibicinis, and Epidendrum Tibicinis.

One thing I did find while while trying to provide proper placement of this Orchid is that they like quite a bit more direct sun than I would have thought. I kept wanting it to be in a mostly shady spot, but it really started to respond when it got quite a bit of direct light and sun.