Meet Willson

We first met Willson at a restaurant on the beach at Celestun in Nov 2008. He seemed like your typical corporate refugee looking for a simpler way of life. He was quiet, but with a friendly open face, and pleasing disposition. He seemed to make friends easily.
We visited, had a few laughs and went on our way.

We recently returned to Celestun for a bit of sun, and to view the flamigos.
We once again encountered Willson; he was still hanging out on the beach.
You could see the changes - his appearance had changed, he seems to have adopted a more 'local' visage. It became apparent he was spending too much time hanging out at the beach, too much sun, a few too many cervezas, no sense of direction, and no real friends.

We could tell that Willson needed some support; we invited him home.
We let him know he could stay with us and try to get himself straight again; find direction...

Here is Willson meeting Tech and Tatie. We'll do what we can, support Willson, let him rest, get sober, get his bearings, ...

Your thoughts for Willson recovery are appreciated and will be passed on.