Tom's 60th Birthday Party

I hesitate to blog Tom's Birthday Party because we had to limit our attendee list.

Our house is huge, for us, but not huge for LOTS of people. Therefore, and unfortunately, some of our friends, as much as we wanted to, were not able to be included.
All that said, I'm gonna post a few pics anyway.

Is this the face of a 60 year old? I think not!

This is actually a big year for us - Tom wanted to throw a MASSIVE Party, but again, we just don't have the space. Tom turned 60 June 2, June 8 was our 35th wedding anniversary, and December 24 I turn 55. All that adds up to 150 and for some reason Tom finds that number significant.

I'm a humbug about special days, December 24 each year is just that, December 24, nothing more, nothing less. Christmas is December 25, Halloween is October something, 30, 31... You get my point. Tom on the other hand loves any reason to make a fuss, makes you wonder how we've made it together so long doesn't it? They say opposites attract, but what is that makes them stick!

Tom decided he wanted a party for his 60th. I threw him a big one for his 40th, rented a hall, had a magician , catered food, open bar, yadda, yadda, yadda; he doesn't remember to much about it, neither do I really, but the pictures make it look like we were having a good time.

So this year, he wants a party, and he wants to get Angélica Balado to perform, I've posted about her before. Angelica Balado performs Contemporary Yucatecan Trova, she has a lovely throaty voice, plays guitar, and her percussionist vocalist partner Melina Ruz is a wiz on drums n things.

Tom actually ended up doing uch of the planning. I handled food and details, he handled the I wants. To that end he enlists good buddy Lida to act as his agent and track down Angelica Balado, give her the date, see if she is available, and importantly find out how much she costs. Lida is local yucateca and speaks the lingo muy bueno. Tom has some phone numbers, but none seem to get through; Lida works, n works, n works, finally after the 3rd week, and a week before the party she makes contact. Now Lida is a BIG FAN of Angelica and is maybe just a bit startstruck, and can't believe she is actually talking to her, so that in itself was cool. Angelica is in fact available, and although pricey, it's what Tom wants! Woo Hoo!

Here are Angélica Balado and Melina Ruz performing for Tom at his birthday party.

Here's Tom, Victor, and Me enjoying the performance.

Here are scene shots of guests during the performance. We had extra folding chairs so that anyone that wanted to sit and watch could. Unfortunately we were so in to the guests, and the performance, and the party that we neglected to take photos, and those that we did take aren't great. Group shots all seem to include someone in a less than favorable pose or expression and I won't do that to my friends.
Here's a good one of Tom and Jette!

The pool was absolutely stunning and magical with the lights and balloons, and shimmer, and shadow, but, again I didn't get a good photo. Oh when the breeze would swirl the ballons around the pool it was so cool.

I'm hoping some of the friends that took photos might have a few good ones to share, and then I will post them as well.