My mom gets worried

So I called my mom the other day and she inquired about whether we had been away again, or if we are ok. I guess because I hadn't posted anything in almost 2 weeks we must either be away, or sick.

Nope, just lazy on my part. I've been doing stuff, and taking photos to be able to blog it, just haven't wanted to sit that long in front of the computer.

I guess that's not really true either, I've been having a lot of trouble with my neck and shoulders; so I've seen a new massage therapist, then to the quiropractico and things are a bit better. We'll see how it goes.

Plus there's just always stuff going on; The new construction project that I should be able to post about next week, the upcoming trip that you won't hear about till we get back, playdates with friends, and so forth and so on. We've attended a number of events, but nothing really to write about, well the kids art sale I should blog just because It Is such a big deal. OK I'm gonna do that one soon.

OK enough, I'm here, I'm ok, just hot, lazy, tired, unmotivated...

Here's a picture of a bench I've seen that I'd like to get built out in the garden,

Oh my gosh, speaking of garden, I have GOT to find a gardener, That thing is killing me, it's to big for us to handle.

Sorry mom, I'll try to blog more often since I don't call all that often. We're fine!