A reason to NOT go Green!

On Sunday mornings here in Mérida a number of things are available for diversion; one of which is an Art Walk on Paseo de Montejo. Between say calle 35 and avenida Perez Ponce along the East side of Paseo de Montejo a group of artists set out their work for display and hopefully sale.

Friend Faye and I made our way there yesterday. We stopped to admire several things, one that caught my eye, and I so wish I had thought then to take a photo of it, was a painting of a green hammock with a tumble of four feet entwined and hanging out over the side.

The artist explained that traditionally for a newlywed couple they buy or receive a green hammock large enough to accomodate them both. The green is for fertility, both of the milpa (fields) and the womb.

I love discovering these bits of trivia and lore!