Kerpis Palm for the Garden

A while back, during the summer actually, we lost two Kerpis Palms (Adonidia Merrillii) to some unknown illness. The limbs started dying off, the trunk went all soft and squishy and they just died.

I debated and pondered what to put there to replace them; they were at the end of the pool with really tall stuff further on. I really wanted short pinnate palms for the visual effect.

There really is nothing else I want there except the Kerpis. I did decide to only put one back since I hadn't planned accurately the size of all the other stuff. So it took quite a few months and a lot of searching but I decided on a 4-41/2 ft Kerpis.

Mid December we went to the vivero and purchased the tree (450pesos). We were told it had been in its bucket planter about 4 years.

Here we are bringing the tree home.
That is Tom sitting in the trunk holding the tree upright.

And here Tom stands next to our new Kerpis -

I'll try to remember to take another picture in a year to see how its grown.