“No really, there will be no pain,” he said with complete confidence.

Last Saturday, while eating a chewy granola bar, I got seriously pissed at the quality control, or lack thereof of US products sent to Mexico. We see it all the time, seconds or damaged goods being shipped and sold here.

I was about a third of the way into a chewy fruit n nut granola bar when I bit down on a rock. I spit out the offending glob and as I'm sure all of you would have done as well I examined the contents. I was surprised at the look of the rock, and allowed other possibilities to whirl around in my head.

A second examination of the 'rock' revealed it to actually be a fairly good sized chunk of one of my left upper molars.

Once I made that determination I got that sense of fear and dread... First, I was afraid to open my mouth for fear that air would hit the exposed nerve and send me through the roof - Second, since it was 3ish on a Saturday afternoon I was sure the Dentist office would be closed - and Third, oh my frickin gosh I'm gonna have to get a crown.

I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, it scares me! I'm so much better now than I used to be, but I still dread it!

I phoned the Dentist, who indeed was away from the office, and who - I could tell - wasn't thrilled at the possibility of coming in. We spoke, I indicated I wasn't in pain and could probably wait till tomorrow, which I quickly realized was not gonna happen, so we made an appt for Monday; He said he could make it to the office by 11.

Surprisingly I am having no pain, and the only discomfort was on Monday when he airblasted the broken tooth. And then a bit from the cold of the goop used to make the impression for the crown.

It was funny, for whatever reason he doesn't really explain what he's gonna do, he just sort of does it. He started towards my mouth with what appeared to be a syringe - at which time I reacted even more strongly that I had to the air. I questioned him about his plans, thinking he was getting ready to do some treatment for which I would require Novocaine. He indicated the syringe was filled with some product with which he was would fill the space or coat it or somehow seal it. After a bit more discussion we decided he would do the impression/mold for the cap and that I would return for the work.

Well my next appointment is scheduled for the 23rd and so far so good. I am having no difficulty, I am chewing on the right side, and trying very hard to cause no more damage. I'll report back after the 23rd.

Oh, BTW - paying cash, with no insurance coverage, a porcelain crown will be 2500pesos; a gold crown would be about 1000pesos more depending on something to do with the type/thickness of the gold.