A quick guilt trip rant, Thanks for listening!

It's been two weeks since I last posted and I am feeling both guilty and annoyed by that. Guilty because I feel like I've made a commitment, and annoyed for the very same reasons.

It's not like I haven't been doing things; because I have, lots of things. Perhaps just not blog worthy things. I mean do you want to hear about, and do I want to blog about the dinners and evenings with friends; whether here, there, or out? I think not. What about trips to the nursery or planting things bought, probably not, our weekly bowling league, trips to the markets, nope! What about Tom's new TV, my broken molar that needs a crown, the cold weather we've been having, Tech killed another possum,... See where I'm going?

We've been to art openings, poetry readings, even the movies...but do I really want to post about that....Actually Yes! And I know I like the little short post that just tell about some little everyday event, so instead of feeling guilty I should just post little vignettes of daily things!

OK, glad I got that cleared up! Thanks for listening!