Tropical Storm Alex, and Flying Ants

Well Tropical Storm Alex passed South of us so all we are getting is rain, cool temps, overcast skies, and flying ants.  It's fabulous, for us.  We will see how Belize has made out!

I spent quite a while Saturday removing windchimes and mobiles from the trees, moving potted plants to secure locations, removing  garden and pool statuary to storage, etc, etc. 

Today, I returned most of the stuff to its rightful place.

Flying ants!   We are being inundated by them at the moment.

When humidity and temperature are just right ant swarming occurs.  Winged ants leave the parent nest and go in search of   other sexually active ants, they mate.....well anyway, my point is Alex missed us, and due to the rain and humidity the ants are doing what they do.

This evening, as I sit at the computer little flying ants are crawling on my leg, flying into my hair, providing entertainment to the cat, and just generally being pesty!

EEESCHHKKKKK, I hate flying ants!