my dog is a racist

I actually had to verify the difference between bigot and racist -

according to Joncey via wikiAnswers 
  • A racist is someone who believes in the superiority of one race over another, or who acts differently (usually negatively) towards a person or a group of people because of their race.  
  • A bigot is a blinkered, narrow-minded person, usually also very intolerant and unable to see anyone else's point of view. People can be bigoted about things that have nothing to do with race, for example, religion or sexual orientation.
  • All racists are bigots, but by no means are all bigots racist
I know my dog is a racist, and according to this definition she is also a bigot! 

She is afraid and aggressive against people with dark skin.  We have friends, lots of different color friends; she is wary with people she doesn't know that are light, but afraid and aggressive of dark skinned people.

You may remember - it was just at 2 years ago that we picked her up off the highway -
she was so young, too young to be harboring these tendencies, or perhaps not....

she looks like she could take your head off doesn't she?

Well when we have workers, typically maya, she is aggressive and barks at them.  We have to tell them to ignore her and she will stop; and she does eventually become friendly towards them, if they are here a few days.

When black friends come over, she reacts badly...

Just look at that face; hard to believe she could be that way - Right?

Today we went to the beach, Tech loves the beach - she loves to run in the sand, and she likes the water.  

After the beach we decided to stop for some lunch, and a cold beer sounded really nice - so we headed to the malecon at Progresso.  When in Progresso we typically stop and San Marino which offers beach side service.

And of course all the vendors wanted to sell us something - oh my gosh, she was horrible, barking, snarling, least the vendors left us alone. 

The waiter was fabulous, and got an extra tip. We were going to leave after a beer and just eat when we got home,  I could tell he was concerned but he always approached slowly and so that she could see him coming - she didn't get used to him, but she at least didn't harass him, and we got to eat some ceviche!

 Oh my gosh - my dog is  racist!!!