That 'uh-oh' moment explained

Friends who have owned and visited their house here in Merida for many years have FINALLY retired and have recently made the move along with their dogs Sam and Lucy.

They are settling in to their new lives and routines here and are both figuring out what stuff they want to do, where they want to expend their boundless energy and which projects appeal to them.. - additionally they are doing some remodeling of a few things at their house that were fine when you are here for just a few weeks but daggummit  just won't do for the long haul. So getting out of the house is a good thing right now; workers, debris, dust....

So anyway, to that end Deb decided she wants to assist with one of  the local dog shelters, evolucion.   As I already assist there we decided to go together 2 Saturdays ago.   

As soon as I said 'Let's go together' I knew, nay I felt a little something in my subconscience, a kick a tickle a warning - I don't know what exactly but someting was trying to warn me.  I didn't listen, ask my dear hubby, he'll tell you  - I don't always listen, and most especially not to him.

So anyway, I picked Deb up and off we went, sunscreen, bug spray, sweatbands, sunglasses, ball caps, water, coffee, and clean wipes. We were ready for anything!    
What ever happened to the days when you just walked out the door with a few bucks tucked into the back pocket of your jeans?
This was the first time I'd been back down to the dog shelter since we returned the two puppies we had fostered.  I've still been helping, but just in other ways.

I decided not to actively search out the puppies, just to go about the business at hand and hope for the best. My friend and I started about the business of herding dogs out of the way for the film crew, then on to scooping poop!

At one point I saw what might have been, but I wasn't 100% sure Netira - She had grown quite tall and lean, and all in just a month. I said her name and she responded enthusiastically to my voice and climbed all over me.  I thought Ceniza must have been placed because I couldn't see her anywhere.

As we continued on with our rounds we entered one area and I saw a scrawny little reddish grey puppy with ears plastered against its head and round sores all over.  A rather subdued little thing.  I don't know which of us had that uh oh moment, but I think we sort of recognized each other about the same time. I was in tears.    She has some sort of fungal infection and scaly patches all over, along with hair loss, her gums were pale, her eyes sad, and she just seemed a bit drawn out.  I tried to put her out of my mind and go about business. We worked our way through 2 more pens and were starting to refill watering stations when she came scurrying over for water.
I couldn't help myself.  I scooped her up and bawled like a baby. A short while later I saw her and her sister wrestling like they used to, it was heartening, then someone yelled at them to stop and they drifted apart.

I continued with watering and she came into my view again.  I looked at my friend and said we had to leave, and I was taking her with me. 
I searched out the founder, and advised her I was taking Ceniza home with me.

So here she is, at our house once again.  We don't want another dog, and especially a puppy, but what can you do?  She's had several baths already, and is getting slathered with a local remedy lotion for all types of skin problems. We are getting her back to 3 feedings a day, she is getting B-complex with the morning food, and fish oil with the dinner food. I am also treating the fungal infection with essential oils and getting her ears cleaned out.  We're trying to teach her to walk on leash, and to stop peeing on the patio. She will be going to the vet soon for a full eval.