Merida Theater Group - Life is...

...a series of reflections on life as recounted by various authors was the premier production by the fledgling Merida Theater  Group.

According to the evenings program " The Merida Theater Group is a small group of people from the English speaking community here in Merida who enjoy the theater and miss the opportunity and pleasure of experiencing English language theater.  After some conversation and passing around of some ideas we decided to do something about it. We shared the idea with some friends, circulated an e-mail, got some responses, had a meeting and said, "Let's try it."

Their premier performance was a selection of interpreted readings.  The staging and costuming were simple yet effective;  After all it is about the acting.  And the acting was really quite good.  I was both impressed and at times a bit surprised by the quality of the performances.  But let us not forget the 'Behind the Scenes' work - Management, Directions, Scenes, Staging, it all accounts for the fabulous evening.

So for the run down:
Director: George Fischer
Lighting: Larry Nielson
Props/Wardrobe: Sam Woodruff, Mimi Babcock
General Manager: Leslie Bennink
Assistant General Manager: Nancy Hoag
CAST (in order of performance):
Stephen Dodwell
Linda Letcher
Samuel Barrera
Richard Bennink
Kathie Parker
Larry Nielson
Mitch Keenan
Paula Dodwell
George Fischer

Assistant GM, Nancy, was the evenings Hostess.  In addition to setting up and announcing each performance piece she kept things entertaining during the transitions between performances, even if it was just by tapping her foot, or peering behind the curtain.  quite funny!

The first performance by Stephen, of 'Man Bags', written by Don McDonald set the tone.  He did an excellent job using facial, voice, and gestures to convey  both humor  and satire.  We were entranced.

Linda then followed up with a very serious
'The Eulogy', by G.L. Horton. 
I felt the pain of the character in her performance. 

Samuel's delivery of  'The Tao of Poo'
by Jason D. Martin was too funny,
his facial expressions were priceless.
I only wish I'd caught some of them!

Then came Richard with a very funny reading
of 'Facebook' by Don McDonald

followed by Kathie with
'Dear John' by Wade Bradford
There was an ensemble piece 'Mannahatta'
written by Yoni Brenner,
and 'The Brick Layer'
by Arthur M. Jolly performed by Mitch Keenan
that gave us all quite a start with its surprise ending.

A short Intermission allowed us all to enjoy once again the cash bar - visit with friends, etc....

When we returned Stephen and Paula did a fabulous
"I Remember it Well' by Lerner and Lowe.


Then Linda's fabulously naive and childlike 'My First and Only Kiss' by Wade Bradford.
Kathie Parker gave a very convincing
'The Road to Recovery'
reading, from a piece by Amy Ozis.

And Mitch  gave us another Don McDonald piece, 'Men & Women'.

And of course the finale ensemble piece from
Dr. Suess, "Horton Hatches the Egg'  

I think I'll reserve these photos should they choose to present this piece again -
this was a very entertaining piece - from George's dramatic reading - to Maizie flying off to the beach, poor Horton sitting, and sitting, and sitting, and of course who could forget the hatchling!
And the special effects - the rain, the snow -
Oh my Gosh - It was just all to funny

-  I know all the performers and others involved - How have they kept all this talent hidden?   They were all truly fabulous and each of their talents shown through!

Congratulations to each and everyone of you - 
Bravo, and Encore!!!!!