stray kitten in need!

Kitten Update #2

Kitten in new house - oh yeah, I think it worked out well!
3 jan 2011

Kitten Update

The kitten has gone to a new home - Thank you Brent and Stan!


This adorable kitten goes to the shelter today at 5
unless someone steps up.  

It came into our yard last night, with a very tight ribbon knotted around its throat.   We removed the ribbon, fed and watered it, and put it back out to hopefully find its way home.  NOPE!  Still out there this am.  It can't be in our yard cause the dogs will damage it!

If a cat is in the house it is a curiosity to Tech, if it is outside it is an intruder and needs to be dispatched.

This kitten appears to be 3 months old, possibly male, purrs and nuzzles like you wouldn't believe, is apprehensive about the dogs but not terrified, used the litter box, and as you can see is totally adorable!

If you want it PLEASE contact us - even if you can't get it today!

There is a free spay/neuter clinic in 9 days, just in time to get this little thing fixed - FREE, did I mention Free? 
Free Kitten, Free spay/neuter?