Fruit - Maracuya

On a recent trip to a small village just North of Chichen Itza I noticed several young boys sitting at their house scraping the innerds out of several bright yellow fruit

The pulp they were excising was also a greenish yellow color, quite glossy, and with pronounced black round seeds. 

I so wish I had taken a photo of the boys.

I asked the boys about they fruit they were working with and was told it was Maracuya.  They also explained it was quite agria  (sour). 

They offered me one, which I gladly accepted.

After I got home with my new find I started researching.  Apparently the Maracuya is the fruit of the Passion Flower vine!   I love the passion flower, what a gorgeous flower!

Not knowing exactly what to do I scraped the pulp into my blender, added about a litre of water, several tablespoons of sugar, and processed until the seeds were quite fine.  I tasted, adjusted sugar to my taste and then offered a glass for myself, my housekeeper, and husband. 
The skin of the fruit is quite tough and very rigid, but the scraping of the innerds was quite easy. 
We all pronounced it DEE-LISH!.  Now if I could just find more!