Puerto Vallarta - whale watching and other wildlife adventures

January/February 2011

So it is really difficult to plan to do anything that requires leaving the condo before noon to 1pm.

It's Humpback Whale season in the Bahia de Banderas.

Every morning you sit waiting, and you are not disappointed - Whales, dolphin, birds, all abound.

We have seen humpback whales each morning; some displays are spectacular - the other day an adult and a baby were actually playing, rolling a fin slapping, tails up, noses up, it was AMAZING.   This morning a grouping of 6, blowing, breaching, rolling, swimming, again AMAZING. 

We are planning to go on a whale watching tour - Well if I can get ANY word back from the Tour Operators.  They all seem to want to only work over the internet....  I want to go to an office - make contact, talk to someone, make a payment, get a that too much to ask?????

We also dolphin with regularity - they are sometimes in small pods and sometimes alone.  Sometimes they are playing and feeding, and sometimes just passing by.

Lots of pelicans, alone and in formation, sometimes passing by sometimes divinf head first into the water after some unseen by us prey!

There are several large African Tulip Trees just across the street and these are favored feeding areas for Caciques.


Kiskadees are raising and fledging babies nearby and sit on the palapa roof by the pool to teach and feed,  flocks of 20+ small parrots are frequent passerbys with all their raucus behaviors.   There are quite a few date palms closeby too,  these attract among other things squirrels; we walk past the squirrels as they hang suspended upside down by their back feet stuffing their furry little faces with dates.

It's a wild and crazy world isn't it!