Tom and I have been together almost - well since 1973.   
It's always been us, never me, you, him, her - always us!    

It's worked, until now!

I want my own email.   Not 'our' email, but my own email.   We are so different in how we do things, arrange things, keep things......He keeps ALL the emails!  I want to read, then reply, delete, or file!  Things get lost, forgotten, buried.

So I am trying to decide which provider to use

I am not completely happy with our current Yahoo,  all those ads, unless you pay some small fee, I think about 20 usd per year, but that would then be times 2.  Plus it is impossible to use on our netbook which we use when we travel. 
Of course this is another good reason to get an iPad, oh I have such iPad envy, and I saw the new one being advertised, Yummy, Pink!

I have Google accounts for a couple volunteer projects I work with and I like that they keep messages together.  Although I must admit I am pondering a resurrection of Outlook and have MY emails come in to that.  I also have a VERY old Palm Zire, and if it still works I may start sync'ing to that so I have my extensive Social Schedule close at hand!

I found this link that rates email providers - Gmail came in 1st!    

Oh, What to do, What to do!  

Oh my gosh - what do I name it?

DebiinMerida?  too long
Debi? unavailable
Debi54? why do I want to advertise my year of birth
Anonymous?  NO!
QrZ6b(?   No, to hard to remember