Open Mic night at Cafe el pendulo

photo from internet
So last night was the first 'Open Mic' night at Cafeteria El Pendulo.

It was great fun, lots of friends were there; there was comedy, poetry, singing and strumming, it was a very good 'Opening".  I can't believe`I didn't take a single picture.

And for as long as it lasts there will be an Open Mic night every Wednesday, come around 7/7:30, get yourself a seat, order some food and a drink and wait for the fun.  Open Mic starts at 8PM.

Cafe El Pendulo is on calle 66 between 73y75, Merida, Centro.

Most of my friends that are familiar with cafe el pendulo eat breakfast there, especially on Sunday's during bici-ruta, although I do know a couple that pretty much rely on the cafe for most of their daily food.  

I am embarrassed to say this was my first time there and I live quite close by.  

I will be there again, and hope to see some of you there!