She's off!

I head out tomorrow for a week in Tulum.

Friend Suk is visiting and is MORE than eager to go to Tulum. Tulum is her decompression place, where she goes to forget about work and all her stress. It also just happens to be her absolute favorite beach in Mexico.
She asked me to go with her, and what, am I crazy, NO! I said Yes! Duh!

I've been to Tulum a few times, way back when the ruins were accesible; back in the olden days. I've never been to a beach at Tulum. A few years ago I was on a bus excursion that visited QUITE a few ruins in Yucatan, Quintana Roo, and Campeche. We stopped at Tulum. The ruins are still awesome, even if you can only see them from varying distances. I was agast, shocked, distressed, and upset to have seen people walking around this incredible site in bikinis, speedos, and varying styles of beach wear.

Tulum is the first, and to this date the only ancient site where I have experienced a moment of communion with the ancients. It was WAY back when you could climb, enter, touch and experience the ruins free and unmolested. There is a small Temple with a rock seat in it - you can see the small Temple in the right foreground of this photo I snatched from locogringo

I was able to go into that small Temple and sit on that seat - it was a magic moment, I still get gooseflesh thinking about it.

Here is a picture I took when we were last there, 2008 - you can just see the little seat. Oh, and you can see the rope barrier preventing you from getting anywhere near the Temple.

A little respect people - swimsuits are for the beach, the pool, and the tanning room.

More on my trip later!