I need help to identify a Palm tree!

OKAY Gardening buddies - I need some help. 

The palm pictured below was gifted to me a bit over a year ago, maybe 2, I can't remember anything anymore.

The Gifters don't know what type of palm it is, and I am not having much luck with identifying it by myself.

It had been planted in a container and was a bit stunted when it came, although in good condition.  Since it has been in the ground now for a while it has grown so quickly that it absolutely amazes me. When  it was first planted it wasn't even as high as the roof line, now it is towering through the opening.

It looks so like a Royal Palm in the frond structure, but that bulb base is throwing me. 
It doesn't really look  like a Bottle Palm, it is too smooth for a Cuban Palm...

Can anyone help?

palm base

pinnate palm structure 
branch detail

UGH, pictures taken with ipad????