Manguera - what this word really means!

OK, so I have these 2 dogs, one of whom is still a puppy, doing all the standard puppy stuff....Which has included chewing the end off the hose so many times that the hose no longer reaches the netherlands of the back yard!

The bamboo out back has been especially hard hit by the lack of watering - so to rectify that situation, and until I design and have installed a sprinkler/watering system we bought one of those huge clear plastic pvc tube hoses that "everyone" (kind of like saying "they") says is the best

I can only think that the people that recommend them do not do their own watering.  

OMG, that thing is killing me, it's like wrestling a 30 ft python, or at least what I imagine wrestling a 30 ft python would be like

It is heavy and unwieldy (is that a word?) and I end up soaked head to toe.  But man o man does it put out the water!

Here in Merida they call a hose a manguera, I don't know what they call it in the rest of Mexico. 

OK, so let's look at this word - Man Guera - Man, self explanatory (well in English it is),  and Guera which means war or fight in Spanish...

So what this means is that a MAN is supposed to be FIGHTING with this hose, Not Me!