ah, the smell of electrical burn in the morning...

First - Merry Christmas to All!

Now, on to my story - So yesterday morning, we were preparing to start on some out of the house activities and we heard an odd, yet intuitively known, deep toned pop and hiss. We both turned and zombie walked into the office and straight to the desk, another deep toned pop and hiss and the smell of electrical burn intensified.

The super duper high watt voltage suppressor electrical strip, in to which the laptop, desk lamp, TV, and dvd player were plugged ceased to suppress.

We started by switching the strip off, then pulling the the plug for the strip out of the wall, and then disconnecting the appliances.

Tom tore the strip apart and the inside was charred inside.
Good thing we were close to the office and heard all this as it was starting.

So, all my tec/geek/electronics friends - just what is a good quality, yet reasonably priced surge protector for electronics equipment?

So what we had was a Belkin SurgeMaster 2950 joule Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor,
model F9G930-10

in doing some research I have discovered it was subject to a recall a few years ago because the plastic case separates, but nothing about it spontaneously combusting.