Restaurant Review - casa del agua steak house, Merida

I recently had the opportunity to take lunch with friends at casa del agua steak house. This new Steak House is located on calle Perez Ponce No. 407A x 31 y 33, in colonia Itzimná, Merida.

The building is a renovated 'Casona' Big House. It is quite grand and has some lovely details and water features. The open space is just a bit too open for me, almost austere, with no art work, but of course TVs.

Our table shared 2 appetizers; the BBQ shrimp, and the salmon carpaccio. The sauce of the shrimp was fabulous, but for me it overpowered the shrimp so that it could have been served on anything. The carpaccio was fresh, light lightly smoked and quite tasty. I liked the slivers of habanero, but really missed the traditional egg, onion, capers, and lemon presentation. And there were definitely not enough crackers for the amount of salmon.

Our table of 6 ordered dinner with 4 of us selecting beef items, and 2 of us choosing salmon. Apparently the meat is imported from either the US or Canada, and is certified as either Angus or Hereford. And as tends to hold true, when in a steak house you should order steak. We ordered 2 filets, 2 rib eye, and 2 salmon meals. The meat orderers were all wowed by their meals while Janean and I pronounced our salmon dishes as good. We also ordered asparagus in hollandaise for the table to share.

I show you the salmon dish, not because of the salmon, but to show the veggie garnish which is a grilled slice of eggplant, zucchini, and mushroom, which to me was much tastier than the salmon, and I can't now even remember what the sauce was.

The asparagus was quite good, the sauce very creamy and buttery, but not very lemony.

We had several bottles of wine, a few cocktails and desserts. I'm more of a savory than a sweet person, so for me the desserts were just ok, but everyone else thought they were good.

But the most impressive for me was the coffee service.
Each coffee orderer was served a small french press,
and a box with a variety of selections to add to your press.

a variety of sweeteners, including a dark sugar, 2 roasts of coffee, and chips of cinnamon bark. The barrister loads your press, pours in the hot water and after that you are on your own.

One note, if it is your first time there, and you are approaching from Montejo along perez ponce heading East you have to be very careful or else you'll miss it, then you'll find yourself lost. Just as you round the corner, starting to head in a Northerly direction, a ways before the right swing onto avenida aleman it is just there on your left, the frontage is quite small and you can't see any indication that you are upon it. If you are approaching from the North, heading South along perez ponce it is quite visible. They need a banner, at least until they have established their client base.