Spanish Language and Culture classes in Merida

Many people travel to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to learn Spanish.   And Merida has its fair share of language learning options - There are quite a few well know institutes for language learning here, there are also some excellent local schools, and then we also have a preponderance of individuals teaching Spanish.  

I imagine many of these individuals are excellent, but how does someone not from here find out about these amazing resources?

Well, I'm going to tell you about ONE of them - 

Marina Aguirre -

Marina is an Archaeologist and Ethnohistorian, and she also teaches Spanish.

I have taken a number of Tertulias with Marina.  A Tertulia is sort of a special interest discussion group.  Marina would prepare info, often including handouts and/or a powerpoint presentation and we would have discussions on a variety of topics; always in Spanish.  Whenever an issue of a word, or phrasing came up we would stop and address that as well.

         Anyway, Marina is expanding and now is offering a variety 
                   of language and culture learning options.

                 For those wishing to learn Spanish

She is offering Spanish classes starting in February: 

Easy Spanish
with Marina Aguirre

Practical Workshop
Spanish Full Immersion

The intention of the workshop is to offer the necessary tools for the students to develop their skills of communication in Spanish,  and to socialize in this language with naturalness, freshness, and confidence.

The workshop will take place from February 6 to 29 on Mondays and Wednesdays,
and consists of 8 meetings of one hour and a half, a total of 12 hours. There are three levels available: 

Beginners – 9:00-10:30
Intermediate Beginners –10:30-12:00
Intermediate – 12:00-1:30

The classes will be 100% practical and fun.

The number of students per session is limited.

 Limited space

Cost $840.00pesos

Registration will be from January 30 to February 3

For more details contact:
Marina Aguirre
or Connie Burk, 924-4974

Register at:
Calle 54 No. 431 entre 47 y 49
Mérida, Centro
The workshop will be at:
Calle 49 No. 499B  entre 58 y 60
Mérida, Centro


She is also offering a fantastic group of History, Archaeology and Anthropology programs starting in February titled  The Thousand-Year-Old Maya which has eight exciting topics, and just to be even more than helpful she is offering them in both Spanish and English -

       Check out her blog for the full description.


But Wait - There's More - 

She now is also taking people on wonderful trips to learn the customs, traditions, archaeology and culinary arts of  magical and poetical places in Mexico.
The last trip was in Chiapas.  

Who knows what the future holds - Check back to her blog frequently to see what's new!

all photos were snatched from the web, and were undocumented