Syntomeida epilais - Oleander Caterpillar

So I am out walking around in the garden and I notice this! 

Yipes, what is happening to my Adenium?

Well - It is being eaten up by this little beauty!

Syntomeida epilais 

The oleander caterpillar is a native of the Caribbean region, and although the caterpillar itself is not poisonous, because of what it eats you should definitely avoid touching it.  The sap of the oleander has a toxin that can cause you to break out, and possibly have respiratory distress.


 this little beauty is what the caterpillar turns into.  Gorgeous, eh?  
The Polka Dot Wasp Moth

And yes Jonna - I am going to have to kill these guys, they are killing my plant.  See ya later alligator!