Sac Nicte – Unique Mayan Village Rental

My friend Elizabeth has an amazing maya style property that is so peaceful and tranquil,and that she is offering as a vacation getaway, read what she says about here - 

Are you planning an interesting trip out of Merida, and looking for something really unusual?  

Consider renting Sac Nicte – Unique Mayan Village Rental.


Three mayan-style cabañas set in a large compound on the outskirts of Chunkanan, the village where the trip begins to the Three Cenotes of Cuzama by horse-drawn truck. 

Everyone who lives in, or visits the Yucatan should have the experience of swimming in a mayan cenote. These sacred mayan underground lakes are connected by underground rivers, and filled with crystal clear water.  The Cenotes of Cuzama are among the most beautiful of the Yucatan, with incredible stalactites and rock formations.

A unique opportunity for guests is to visit the cenotes at night.  This is a truly memorable experience, to head out into the jungle and then climb down into the deep caves, with moonlight to guide you.

Not everyone who visits these cenotes is aware that you can actually stay in the village in a typical mayan cabaña.  Sac Nicte consists of three cabañas with palapa roofs, set on an acre of tropical gardens, with a large swimming pool supplied with fresh cool water from a deep well by a traditional windmill. 

 Another opportunity available to those who rent Sac Nicté is to celebrate a mayan ceremony in its natural mayan environment, away from the noise and contamination of the city.  Sac Nicté has a sacred circle that has been blessed by the mayan shaman Yaax Kin, who celebrates various ceremonies such as a wedding or renewal of vows, spiritual cleansing and healing, filling you with positive energy.  Experience the mysticism of this ancient culture with a ceremony of your own. 

Ceremonies at Sac Nicté can include an overnight stay, or just visit for the day.  

A recent guest commented that it felt perfect to be able to stay on after the ceremony, to continue with the feeling of peace and tranquility.

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