Tender at the Bone

I just finished reading Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl.  

I enjoyed it very much.  I won't go in to a full book review, you can find plenty of those online. Although I did appreciate her personal growth and strength, in the face of  both her family and her personal struggles with mental health issues.  The way she used her experiences and grew to be able to create the mechanisms to deal with those fears  -   and in the telling gives others hope.  I mean who among us has never had a panic attack, or fear of something???

But what struck me, and made me pen this blog was one of the credits at the back of the book.

This book was set in Fairfield, the first typeface from the hand of the distinguished American artist and engraver Rudolph Ruzicka (1883-1978). Ruzicka was born in Bohemia and came to America in 1894.  He set up his own shop, devoted to wood....

it goes on, but the fact that this man was born in Bohemia and came to the United States in 1894 at the age of 11 and became a 'distinguished American artist' well that designation brought me to tears. Makes me proud!

the USofA is like a good vegetable stew - sure you can make it without carrots, but oh what carrots do for it!