Two local wetland areas in Merida

I had the opportunity to go birding with some friends yesterday morning.  And to two locations I had not been to previously.

The first destination was an amazing wetland that was created over what was in the not to distant past a landfill.  This gorgeous open water environment is now home to, and migratory stopover destination for a number of water birds.  We saw a great number of whistling ducks, coots, stilts, sandpipers, grebes and herons, as well as quite a few songbirds.

This wetland area is adjacent to the CRIT - Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón facility, which although fraught with controversy was developed about 1998 to attend to children with disabilities.  

Now I don't know if this wetland was established as a part of the facility, or separate, which is unimportant, the site is awesome!

Beautiful wetlands, groomed walking paths, they are constructing a look out station, and have erected foot bridges over and connecting the separate wetland areas.  When we were there yesterday there were 3 separate ponds, this could change seasonally due to rain or drought.  We did not go to the 3rd pond as it seems to be quite polluted and there were no birds apparent to us there.

To get to the CRIT wetland area you travel on the western loop of the Periferico, km 34.6.  If you are approaching from the North heading South you will see a sign for CRIT, the wetland is on the North side of the CRIT building, which yesterday was brightly painted in oranges, blues, and yellows.  If you are approaching from the South you will see the building on your left but must go to just before the next overpass and make a U turn and come back.

Just look at this beautiful space!

they even have posted a sign identifying a number of the birds you will see there!

trimming the verge!

 the second pond

We then went to the Parque Ecológico del Poniente off of avenida Jacinto Canek.

In this photo, if you look closely just left of center you'll see a Snail Kite.

Lovely water features, great walking paths, beautiful water lilies, fish, birds, .....