you are not my friend and you are not welcome here!

Mosquitos - Yes, we have mosquitos, Lots n Lots of mosquitos. But they are NOT our friends!

We can't figure it out, at least not completely.  I mean I understand them being outside, we have lots of greenspace, that requires watering, and of course mosquitos love to breed in the damp dirt.  But in the house - why do we have so many in the house?  We have no plants inside, we have all the rarely used drains covered, the animals water bowl is changed frequently, we have mosquito screening on every opening to the outside....

So why do we have so many in the house - We had rain about a week and a half ago, and that explains the outside bloom, or boom of mosquitos.  The little eggies have just been lying there in the dirt waiting for some moisture to spring them in to action; did you know some mosquitos go from egg to adult in 5 days, while others can take up to 40?

Tom and I have both had dengue - we DO NOT want it again.  although I suspect we've each had a very mild dengue experience since then but refused to call it that.

We want a mosquito free zone .  We want the little buggers gone!

and oh what we will do, are doing, to try toget rid of them -

we burn coils

we have toxic spays that we spay around and under furniture and in the dark recess where mosquitos like to hide

we have herbal non toxic sprays that we use on ourselves 

we use flyswatters

we smack, and we smack and they still come back

we have plugins with little chem soaked pads that repel the mosquitos

I've planted neem trees, lemongrass, rosemary,  and oregano.  I take extra B vitamin supplements and lace our food with nutritional yeast

we have a bug zappers for outside - which I do not like to use because the geckos get zapped, and they really smell bad when they get electrified.

we have a no-squito that we run every night all night in the bedroom

And then there are Tom's personal favorite - the Mata Mosca!

These little electrified rackets that zap the mosquitos, electrify and frying them.  Tom LOVES the sound of dzit, dzit, dzit, the more repitions and the faster they come togetget the better he likes it.  He has a night time routine now, he has the zapper in one hand, the flashlight in the other - he goes aound all the windows and where the mosquitos are against the screens he jst lets them have it, he goes into the corners, dzit, dzit, dzit.

He has had 3.  Two of them are dying, they will no longer hold a charge.  These little babies are rechargeable.

Anyway, so yesterday as I was walking about in Downtown I saw mata mosca rackets. Normally we buy these in the Chinese restaurants, or on street corners.  So in I go - Yang & Yang Importaciones, calle 65 x 54 #466B, Centro, Merida - I got 2 new raquetes de mata mosca, one with the racket part having blue light illumination (blue lights apparently attract mosquitos, much like the phrase 'Blue Light Special' will draw bargain hunters!), and the other with a flashlight in the handle.

Tom is now well armed to defend the castle!
Mosquitos, you are not my friends and you are not welcome here!