Ants in my Pants!

So last night Jonna and I were talking about ants, she has both a swollen eye, and a big inflammation on her inner bicep.  She postulates that the teeny tiny ants get washed in to her pool when she is cleaning the patio, then when she is done she gets in to cool off and the ants bite her.

Well this morning I did a load of Landry and hung it out; white laundry.  I typically go out at intervals and shake hanging laundry to get some of the wrinkles out.

So I go out a few minutes ago and my panties are covered in teeny tiny brown ants, we sometimes call them sugar ants.  They are coming off the wall, along the clothes line, and down all over the clothes, and today the stuff closest to the wall are my panties,  Yipes, Ants in my Pants!