First afternoon in Madrid

So the plane got in to the Madrid-Barajas airport! we gathered our luggage, and we were on our way. We had the directions to get to the hotel using the Metro then just a short two block walk, and we had two free metro tickets.(thank you jim and marianne)

Unfortunately the gifted tickets had expired which gave us the opportunity to try out our debit card - We bought new tickets, and were there at our hotel in no time, Hospedaje Romero. Hospedaje Romero was a recommendation from Mel and Erid of Hotel Julamis.

Sra Charo greeted us and was just so sweet, and so thrilled that We could speak Spanish.

Our room is small, quite small, the bathroom - the shower stall in particular, is teeny tiny - Move just a bit and the water is off, hot, cold, etc.

We unpacked, changed clothes, and took off. Our plan was to go to the Prado museum, walk in Retiro Park, get some tapas, maybe go to museum Reina Sofia.



We ended up walking to puerta del Sol, the plaza mayor, the Palacio Real, a gorgeous mercado, a fabulous church, and a few other really lovely sights.

We decided to have some wine and tapas in the Plaza Mayor and people watch.

We are such rubes! We ordered wine, which came very quickly, then we ordered 3 bocadillos and some calamari. The Head Waiter came out and explained that bocadillos were like paninis, full size sandwiches. He suggested we get half orders so we got fresh anchovis, two types of meat, and the calamari. The ancovis were awesome. The breads here are amazing. We really have gotten out of breads because they, for the most, aren't very well done in Merida. I've eaten more bread in two days that I normally eat in a month.

Ok so its been a very long day,we headed back to the room because we were both really dragging. We ambled about, got to the room, showered, and I started this blogpost. My head and eyes kept dropping so I finally conceded defeat. Good thing too because this morning some parts were indecipherable.

So were called it quits and were in bed and out like the lights by 9pm. We just got up a bit ago, Tom says when he rolled and looked at the clock it was 9:45am. So not bad - a full 12 hours of sleep.