On the road - Day 2 - still in Houston

Did pretty good with sleeping in the bed.  Some of you may not know, I have some  rather significant issues with my lower back, several desiccated disks, and with my left hip, in fact over six years ago my dr told me to get it replaced. After moving to Mexico I discovered hammock sleeping, OMG, what a life saver. I am mostly pain free in the mornings which is AWESOME. For any of you that deal with near constant and chronic pain, you know what I mean.

Here's an uber cool start to the day, we peeked out the back window and sitting on the top of the wood fence just maybe 10 feet away was a hawk. Of course rather than paying close attention and gathering my field marks for identification I turned to get my camera so I could show you all the cool sight, this movement caused the bird to take flight.   Based on my initial impressions however I think it was probably a Red Shouldered Hawk.

So Tom and I spent another day shopping, then out for a monstrous Korean meal. We each got two new prs of shoes.

We got a notice from our airline that we still have time to upgrade our seating, if we act now...., yeah right!  We tried every which way but upside down on the internet, then tried to call, 15 minutes after they closed or the day.

 Well lets see what tomorrow brings.  Our flight departs Houston at 4 so a bit more time for shopping in the morning.  I am SO not looking forward to a 13 hour flight.

How's that for a hint!