Blogging while traveling

I have a new found respect and appreciation for people that blog while travelling, and especially if the blog using an ipad. Blgging via ipad2 is not easy, in fact it is quite frustrating.

First is the issue of finding the time. One nice thing is I can write on the ipad notepad without being connected to the web. A lot of my posts are written there and then posted when possible. Typograpgical correcetions are one of the biggest pains, I am using the on screen touch keyboard and it requires a very specific touch and constant monitoring. To light a touch, to close to an adjoining key, and you have an indeciferable mess, then to correct, you must touch till the curser appears then drag the curser to where you need the correction then place the curser to the right of the correction as there is only backspace for correcting.

Oh and lots not even get started on photos. I purchased an app, Blogsy, it works, which is HUGE, but it is tedious. Add to that that I have not aken, made the time to figure out exactly how it works.

So most of my posts about the trip will be updated, augmented, and photos attached, later!