Itálica Ruins, Santiponce, España

Tuesday, 10 July, 2012 - Itálica Ruins, Santiponce, España! Just outside Sevilla

This is an amazing site, worth spending some time.


From the Plaza del Armas bus station in Sevilla you get a local bus #172 at platform 16, for 1.4 € p/p. The bus takes about 30 minutes and goes and returns on the hour and half hour. The get off spot is at the turnaround for the bus to return to Sevilla. Sure makes it easy, and just a short walk to enter Itálica.


Itálika is a Roman Ruin: I was captivated with it. The ampitheatre/coliseum, the housing, the water delivery systems, the thermal baths, I liked it all. Itálica dates to 206BC and was established by Publius Cornelius. This was also the first permanent Roman settlement in the South of the Iberian Peninsula.

There is another site in Santiponce, San Isidoro del Campo, I need to look this one up. We didn't know anything about it so hadn't built any extra time into this excursion. Our bus to Lisbon leaves at 3, and we've already bought our tickets. So, next time!

We passed through Camas, Huelva, and most of Santiponce, all really lovely towns, it would be nice to spend more time to explore them. So silly but every time I want to write explore, I automatically think exploor, and have to correct myself.

I must give credit and thanks to the movie industry, and to the TV industry that replays old movies. I've seen so many old roman, gladiator movies that it was so easy to picture in my mind the coliseum, the slaves and gladiators, and animals and the movements under the arena. And then the family spaces, I could see the rooms,with the large urns, flowing cloths to block sun and bugs, and the family relaxing in the inner courtyard garden with its flower and fruit trees. I REALLY enjoyed Itàlica.

These are mosaic floors, uncovered, the wall foundations can be seen, can't you just picture a family living their daily lives?
Ok, 2:20, bus for Lisbon leaves at 3 and I must get some lunch!