The weather

Before we left on this trip we were advised, by several, about how hot it was going to be in Spain this time of year. They were wrong! It's been absolutely gorgeous!

Of course this time of year in Mérida we are in the high 20's with VERY high humidity.

When in Southern Spain; Cordóba, Granada, Sevilla, it was in the high 20's, but with no humidity we barely noticed. Now, here in Portugal, well it's been low to mid 20's, a bit cool for me. Yesterday was our first less than perfect day, it was heavy sky and cool, I saw 19 on the news report. About 6pm it started misting, then actually raining, and a fog came in and obscured the landscape.

We came back to the room about 7:30 and didn't leave again till 10 to go get some dinner.

We're planning a trip on the Douro river, it's a 12 hour trip, I may need to go buy a sweatshirt, or maybe blanket! I could cut a hole and turn it into a pancho.