BookBub, a free ebook resource

I know many of you have portable computers, whether in the form of tablets or smart phones, and even more of you have e-readers; Kindle, Nook, etc.  Heck even on your PC's, Mac's or laptops, because Readers are available for them as well

Whether your device is Apple, Kindle, Android, Windows or whatever else is available out there, you can get free books.

There are a gazillion resources out there for free books, but I am only interested in telling you about this one, BookBub.  I've been using it for quite a few months now and am well pleased with it.  I have shared it with friends and they too are reporting positive reviews, and none of us have encountered any problems.

So all you do is go to and register, when you register you indicate how you read your ebooks and it sends you a daily selection of at least 1, but quite often more books from which to select.  Occasionally there will be selections for a very low price, but if you don't want them don't take them.

BookBub is also available on facebook, just search for them, Like them, and selections will start to appear on your Wall.

Happy Reading

other free ebook resources

completely free ebooks

heck just google free ebooks and just see what all comes up!


  1. OK. I signed up for BookBub. I will let you know my impression after I use it for a couple of weeks. So far, I have not found much selection in the free sites -- beyond what I can get for free at Amazon. I probably have only downloaded two free books since I bought my first Kindle. I am now on my third.

    1. ah Steve, probably not the best option for you! I don't imagine you are much of a fiction reader. although I have seen some biographys come up, and I recently got an Indian cook book. the Gutenberg might be a better fit, classics and such. Although I would love your impressions of A confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole - one of my all time favorites!

  2. I use . I receive a list of anywhere from 35-100 books almost daily (for my kindle) almost all of them from Amazon. I could find them myself but it would be really time consuming. They are labeled by genre which is nice, with a short review. I will now try the others you have listed! (I now have 14 pages of free books to read..nice!)

    1. Jiminy That's a great free ebook resource, Thanks!