Chela is a Maya term, used to reference white people in whom you see the pink around lips, eyes, etc. almost as if Albino, but not quite that extreme, more like just a pale white person.

And of course in Mexican Spanish, it is a nickname for 'beer'.

And that is what I am calling a dog that we rescued this morning. And by rescue I don't just mean picked up off the street.  Apparently this dog was trying to jump through the neighbors rail gate that has chicken wire at the bottom.  She was stuck between the rails and hanging there about 2 1/2 feet off the ground screaming bloody murder.

Tom had her front end, and I had her back and we had to ease her out the way she went in,  compressing ribs and wiggling gently.

She's a friendly and affectionate dog, and takes no time at all to come to trust you.   She's quite thin right now, absolutely filthy, has fleas and ticks, but that will be taken care of quite soon.

She's mostly white with orange/amber ears, one of each color eye patches, and a few other splotches, a medium small dog.

So she's had the ticks pulled, the first bath, and small amounts of food over several hours.  She has some abrasions and bruising, and a small cut from her wrestle with the gate, but her teeth and gums seem healthy and pink, she's energetic, and overall in pretty good shape.

She's got a great personality, and seems very smart, already she is responding to her name, and to the commands Ven, and No.  She's nervous, and wants to be right where you are, but that will change with comfort.

If you or anyone you know are interested, please call or email

debiinmerida at gmail dot com